Ticket Dismissal & Driver Record Bundle

Choose this product if you have received a traffic citation that you need dismissed and your court has requested a copy of your drivers record


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Texas Defensive Driving Course

Choose this product if you have received a traffic citation that you need dismissed.


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Texas Driver Record

Select this option if you only want a driving record and don't need to take any courses.


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Texas Defensive Driving Insurance Course

Choose this package ONLY if you want to obtain a discount on your insurance.


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What's included:

We are dedicated to providing our students with a pleasant online learning experience. The combination of our video-based course and our zeal to provide our students with personal, friendly attention is what separates us from the competition.

  • You will have unlimited access for the time associated with the package you selected. Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email with your account login information and program information. You will use this information for logging into TXDDS Online program.
  • You can access your learning material 24 hours a day.
  • Throughout the program you will have the ability to begin your course and if you need to stop for any reason, you can come back anytime to the exact location where you left off in the course.
  • This online course is set-up to have a scoring with Pass or Fail grade. With a passing score, you will be receive your Certificate in the mail to present to your agency.
  • This learning environment is designed to assist you to review and understand the concepts set by the state. We have made this program interactive to captivate your learning experience in order to make learning fun and memorable.

We really hope you enjoy this program. Now get ready and above everything, HAVE FUN!





I decided to take a competitor' course a few years ago. What a mistake! It was all 100% reading and so boring. Randy and Gary did it right. Videos made it so much more fun!